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Name: Jenna
Where do you live? Do you like it there or not. Explain why or why not: I live in bonita Springs,FL. I don't Love it But I def. don't hate it. It sucks cause its filled with rednecks.But its cool 'cause theres Beer every where you go.
Top five favorite bands: Hatebreed, slipknot, threedays grace, (techno:dj sammy), and ashlee simpson.
Top three favorite books: choke, fight club,  holy terror,  when you give a mouse a cookie, and twilight zone
Top three favorite movies:  slc punks, blue crush, practical magic
Favorite food: CHINESE
Give direct links to at least TWO promotions:   </a></a>__burn_book and </a></a>thepinkhandbag
Tell us where you heard about this community:
I searched Interests!
Post three or more CLEAR pictures of yourself:
the Guy is fred My friend in 2nd Block.....

we were just fucking Off!

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