with never ever knowing at all (im_slowing_down) wrote in pose_clickflash,
with never ever knowing at all

Hawt or Nawt?

Name: Gregory Scott Joseph Deutsch

Age: 14

Where do you live? Do you like it there or not. Explain why or why not. Long Island, New York. I love where I live. You can drive about 45 minutes and you are in New York City one of the best citys there is. Where you can view Broadway plays, get a great education and just meet new people, Or you can drive approx. 45 minutes in the other direction and you are in The Hamptons where you can swim at the beach or tan.

Top five favorite bands: Marron5, Fall Out Boy, The Starting Line, Switchfoot, and The Counting Crows.

Top three favorite books: "Friction", "You Don't Know Me", and "Crooked".

Top three favorite movies: Sister Act II, The Breakfeast Club, and The Ring.

Favorite food: Chicken Parmigiana

Post three or more CLEAR pictures of yourself:

Sorry I am wearing the same shirt all 3 times! They were all taken at the same time. I dont have a camera so these are from my friends. Oh by the way, I am the one on the right!!!

Thank You for letting me apply!
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