i hope you know its cold where im going... (im_so_clever) wrote in pose_clickflash,
i hope you know its cold where im going...

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"hawt or nawt"

Name: Nikki
Age: 14
Where do you live? Do you like it there or not. Explain why or why not.: hmm, i live in New Jersey. I dont like it. Because New York is better =]
Top five favorite bands: Taking Back Sunday, The Early November, Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, Transition
Top three favorite books: The Lovely Bones, Gossip Girl Series, What My Mother Doesnt know.
Top three favorite movies: 10 things i hate about you, clueless, dirty dancing havanna nights.woot.
Favorite food: mmmm .. food. uh, i mean. hmm. grilled cheeeeseeeee..
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